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Just in 3 Seps
  • Select theme
  • Fill information
  • (Name, Email, Password, Picture...etc)
  • Save in draft
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Share to anyone, On any device
You can share your zotiba business card to your clients, business partners and other stakeholders using your mobile phone, ipad, laptop, desktop or any device.
(Always will be)
No need to download the app
Create your own Z-Card for yourself
20 free Themes available
Select your desired Fonts & adjust the font size
Contact Book to save unlimited contacts
Upload your profile picture & company logo
Save your Z-Card as Image
Share your Z-Card via social media, QR code, email, or text message
Professional Plan
Includes every feature of Silver(Free)
Can Make up to 5 Z-Cards for yourself
50 Themes available
Can upload profile Video
Can upload audio
"Z-Card Text" is removed
Personalized link , Protected Card & Branded QR code
Can add tags & notes to contacts
Organization Plan
(Smart Choice)
Includes every feature of Gold (Professional Plan)
All Themes
Unlimited Card
Create Z-Cards for all team members
Lead support to Organizations
Organization Contact Book to save unlimited contacts
Organization's admin panel access and control of all team Z-Cards
Many More Features
Do you want us make a personalized design for you ?
Printed Business Cards Digital Business Card Z-Card
Eco-Friendly It is estimated that each year over 2oo billion business cards are printed in the world. That means killing of 1.7 million trees every year. Yet 90% of the business cards end up in trash in just one week. By choosing Digital Business Cards, you are helping trees to live. Z-Cards are beyond eco-friendly. We are not only helping trees to live but also plant a tree for each Z-Card you buy. We send pictures of planting trees with your name.
Aspiration Conventional business card with little aspiration. Digital Business Cards are now becoming aspiration of many organizations. Z-Cards are smart enough that everyone can aspired to have Z-Cards.
Brand Recognition Your brand recognition is just one time. Once the business cards are printed you can’t do re-branding. Lesser options of branding. Not all the digital business cards allow you to add company logo and product branding. Z-Cards not only allow you to add company logo but also product branding place inside the card.
Updates The only way to update Printed business cards is wasting the existing cards and re-printing more & more and so on. All the digital business cards should allow you to edit and update card anytime. But there are limitations in updates. Z-Cards allow you to edit text, profile picture, company logo, background image, branding ads etc. anytime and you can live update your Z-Cards anytime and unlimited times.
Protection Usually your printed business card is un-protected. It means anyone can get your number, email, address which you don’t want to give him. Your card data protection is your basic right and this feature is not provided by all Digital Business Cards. Z-Cards protects your privacy. If you want to hide your Z-Card data from search engines crawling then congrats, you can hide your Z-Card data from search engines like, Google, Bing, Yahoo etc.
Cost Efficiency Printed Business Cards are not cost-efficient in terms of long term sustainability, updating details, layouts and Changing team members. All the digital business cards should be cost efficient with max functionality. Z-Cards are not only sustainable, reliable, but also cost-efficient with less cost and max. Functionality.
Footprint You can’t monitor the footprints of your printed cards after sharing. Not all Digital Business Cards give you analytical data to evaluate the interaction of people with your Digital Business Cards. Z-Cards give you analytical data to evaluate what is an impact of your Z-Cards on your customers: views, clicks, hits etc.